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-Originated from the Hamites of Eastern-Asia and Egypt
-Can survive in a harsh environment and poor nutritional conditions
-Fairly high resistance to most sheep diseases and good tolerance against internal parasites
-Feeds on grass, bush and shrubs and can almost be classified as a browser
-Outstanding mothering ability
-The ewes appear feminine, whereas the rams are more robust and masculine
-The head is of moderate length and width
-The nose tends to be slightly Roman in females and more prominent in rams
-The eyes are large and brownish in color, protected by well developed eyebrow-ridges
-Predominantly a horned sheep. Polls do however occur. the rams have well developed spiral horns which stand well away from the head. 
-The ears are of moderate size and mobile
-The body is long, oval and fairly deep
-The legs are long and dry, but strong and well-placed
-Wide range of colors
-Hair is mostly short with a tendency to a fine layer of woolliness developing under the hair during winter